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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Almost a quarter of a century has passed since the minimal invasive neurosurgery (MIN) concept was intensely preached by late Professor Axel Perneczky (1945-2009). This vision paved the way for a modern, constantly evolving, evidence based and contemporary neurosurgery.
The revival of this ideology by his friends and disciples through the ISMINS gatherings started in
Florence, was followed by Xi’an and now the 3rd Congress in Cairo is due on the 18th - 21st of October 2016.
Additionally there were two interim meetings so far in Vienna and Kuala Lumpur. The fourth event is even already decided to be held in Moscow 2018.
Around sixty international Guest Speakers will cover the main topics focused on Contemporary MIN including the key-hole concept in microsurgery, endoscope assisted microsurgery, endoscopic procedures (intra-cranial / EEEA /spinal), vascular versus endovascular interventions, radiosurgery and advanced adjuvant therapy, functional neurosurgery, minimal invasive spinal surgery and robotic surgery.
The peri-congressional workshops are intended to address brain endoscopy / EEEA, endoscope assisted microsurgery, minimally invasive spine surgery, image guided / ultrasound in neurosurgery, neurosurgical procedures simulation, endovascular interventional procedures and radiosurgery.
Your active scientific contribution would be highly appreciated for all of us to enjoy a fruitful meeting in Cairo next October.
You are all more than welcome in Egypt.

Yours sincerely

Prof. Ahmed Zohdi
President of the Congress

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